Want a good rank in Entrance Exams? Write great short notes

Examinations have an overwhelming amount of content to cover, making revisions all the more a painful task. It's important to have a strategy for effective revisions with minimal time and effort, so that we can concentrate on the all important problem solving excercises.


Tick-tock...Tick-tock… You can hear the ominous sound of the clock ticking away in the background - each strike a reminder that you are just hours away from your exam. It is 2 am. There is pitch darkness outside. The only living beings keeping you company at this hour are a few stray dogs howling away in the distance. You can feel the sweat building on your palms. The tightness in your throat is getting bigger. Each breath you take seems to be getting shallower. You have 8 lessons left to revise. You could only finish 4 lessons till now. All your study notes and books are left in disarray on your desk. Papers with equations are strewn all over the floor. But you have no idea where the notes of lesson 5 are. Everything is mixed up and so unorganized. A few pages of lesson 5 notes seem to be missing. ‘Why oh why couldn’t I be more organized?’ you curse yourself. If only all the revision notes were at one place, organized and more easily accessible.

Does this situation sound familiar?

All of us have been there – trying to revise as much as possible with only a few hours left for the exam to start, clutching 20 sheets of revision notes in one hand and 4 notebooks in the other, frantically trying to put all of them together.


You might be searching for a much easier way to revise notes. What if you could organize all of your revision notes in one easily accessible convenient way? Is there a way to make revision more convenient and stress-free? What if you used Flash cards?


What are flash cards?

Flash cards are a set of blank cards of varying sizes, most common being 3 inches x 5 inches. They are by design much smaller than the traditional notebooks and diaries. Below are the images of some of the variants of Turron Flash cards. They can be ruled or unruled and have various binding options.

Turron flash cards

The short size of the cards enforces the learner to put only the must-have information on these cards. This exercise has multiple benefits than what appears on the surface.
Firstly, since only the must have information is allowed to be put on the cards, the learner has to carefully go through the textbook content and decide as to what qualifies as important and what information is insignificant. This careful analysis and understanding of the textbook content does wonders to the entire learning process and the learnt information stays in the system for a long time.
Secondly, since the entire information has been refined and condensed into a much smaller form, the learner is psychologically much better prepared to finish revising the portions in a few minutes from the flash cards and take a mock exam or the all important actual exam.


How are flash cards used?

Flash cards are used for memorization of important points and revision. Hence only the summary or the gist of the topic is written on a flash card.

  • Skim though the lesson or the topic from the beginning to the end quickly.
  • Read it again a second time. But this time note the important information and put it on the flash cards. Keep the content very short and concise.
  • If possible draw a diagram or a graph which can explain the concept better. You can also make quiz cards where a question is written on one side and the hint or the answer on the other.
  • Put only the information that is important and sums up the topic or lesson for you. This will help you quickly wrap up the revisions later. In this way you would have all the main points of a lesson or a topic on one set of flash cards. The next time you want to revise the lesson, just grab your set of flash cards and flip through the cards.


Why are flash cards an ideal choice for students preparing for exams?

  • The process of making the flash cards in itself gets half of the job done. By the end of the process, the learner has already attained a really good understanding of the topic.
  • Human brain has a higher capacity to retain things when they are written down. Hence writing the important points on a flash card ensures that they are more strongly retained by the student.
  • Turron Flash cards come with various binders for the cards. Hence you have all your important points in one place. No more hunting around for all the scattered pages and note books were you had written your points.
  • The small size of the flash cards make them extremely convenient to be carried. You don’t have to worry about carrying those heavy note books with you anymore.
  • The set of flash cards are held together by a loop which can be removed. Hence it is the student can use the flash cards either as a bunch or individually or shuffle them up to suit his/her needs.



Where can you get your flash cards?

You can find a variety of flash cards on Amazon. If you are finding it difficult to decide on a suitable flash card variety for your purposes, you can refer the article on choosing the right flash cards for you.
Get some flash cards and get going now!

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