Succeed in Technical Interviews with Flashcards

There is a standard technique to master any subject, practice a lot of questions. Almost all the successful people, who do really well in exams & interviews devote most of their time solving a lot of questions.

To get the most out of your question solving exercise, follow this technique that optimizes your efforts and ensures that you are concentrating on the more important things rather than studying something you are already very comfortable with. This method also gives you immense confidence while going into a test. We all know how confidence can do wonders to almost everything in life. 

Step 1: Get a lot of Flashcards

You can get a lot of inexpensive flash cards on Amazon. There are different varieties of flash cards available. They are big and small, unruled and ruled, ring bound or clip bound. If you find it difficult to figure out which flash cards will suit your purposes, refer to our article on choosing the right flash cards.

Step 2: Make ‘Important Technical Interview Questions’ Cards

Start solving a lot of interview questions from any source you get your hands to. Whenever you find any Technical question, Algorithm or Data Structure question that you couldn’t solve, or the question illustrates a very important concept or trick, write the question on one side of an Index card and the hint to solve that question on the other side of the card. This way, you’ll have a collection of the most important questions to refer just before your all important interview. Once you have made these cards while practicing questions, follow the next step to know how to use them.

On the flip side of the card, you can write a hint or a pseudo code to solve the problem. It will help you give you vital clues to solve the problem in case you are stuck indefinitely on the card during your revision process.

Step 3: The Final Step

If you notice in the above image, 3 holes have been put on the quiz card. Every time you can answer the question on the Index card correctly, fill one hole. If you couldn't answer that question, keep the card as it is, without filling any holes. This exercise will help you organize your cards according to proficiency level. Prioritize solving the 1 hole filled cards, since they've not been answer correctly least often. You can give lesser time for 2 hole and 3 hole filled cards since you've already become quite proficient in them.

Final Thought

If you follow the above steps for your preparation, you will have sufficient practice for your all your interviews and you can confidently go into any number of Technical interviews with sufficient practice & revision without much effort.

Get your flash cards and start practicing!

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