Need flash cards for short notes. What kind should I buy?

Flash cards come in numerous varieties and each one of them is designed for different styles of note taking. This article will take you through various types of flash cards and the purpose they are most suited for. By the end of this articles, you can choose a flash card which best serves your purpose.

Flash cards are increasingly being used in India by students for making short notes for revision, interviews and what not. Though not as popular as in western countries, the trend is slowly picking up as students are exploring more innovative and efficient ways of learning in this age full of distractions.

In case you have just started exploring learning with flash cards, or have been using them but not happy with the results, there can be multiple reasons. One, you are just using them the wrong way. You can read how flash cards can help you ace exams, how flash cards can be your study-buddy, and how you can make short notes using Cornell note-taking technique.

The other reason you might not be using flash cards is that you have not found the one you need the most. For example, you might want to include important diagrams, charts or figures on your flash cards, but all you find is flash cards with ruled lines which inhibit your creativity of writing short notes. Or, you have a lot of flash cards, but you keep losing track of them and they finally keep disappearing into eternity one by one.

So here we go, trying to find the best flash cards for you!

1. Unruled Flash cards, 3 x 5 inches : With binding rings

These cards are unruled on both sides, which allows very diverse content on both sides. Be it charts, diagrams, figures, tables or everything else, these cards allow you to write your short notes in whichever way you wish. Go unruly without the rules!


Moreover, these are 3 inches x 5 inches in size, which is the ideal size of a flash cards for most purposes. Another fantastic part of these cards is that they have binding holes and come with detachable binding rings. Apart from allowing the cards to be organized and preventing you from losing them over and over again, these cards can be flipped over.

Imagine this! You can write your short notes, then organize for flash cards through the binding rings and flip them back and forth while you read them. Life is good! And guess what, they come with free bookmarks as well.

In short, if you don't want to be tied down with ruled lines, prefer the standard 3 inch x 5 inch flash cards, avoid all the clutter of flash cards using binding rings and don't mind free bookmarks as goodies, pick these flash cards now!

2. One side ruled Flash cards, 3 x 5 inches : With binding rings

These flash cards will suit you if you like to organize your notes through ruled lines but need blank spaces for things other than texts like tables, diagrams, charts, figures etc. These cards have one side ruled while the other side is blank. They also come with binding rings and free bookmarks, and have the standard size of 3 inches x 5 inches.

In short, if you are looking for one sided ruled cards for your textual notes with the other side blank for figures and diagrams, and need all the advantages of binding rings (mentioned before) with free bookmarks, grab these cards now!

3. Both side ruled Flash cards, 3 x 5 inches : With binding rings

If you are expecting most of your short notes to be textual in nature and can accommodate the odd diagrams on ruled lines, these cards are perfect for you. These cards are ruled on both sides, have binding rings and free bookmarks and have the standard 3 inch x 5 inch size.

In short, if you are looking for both side ruled flash cards of the standard size, with the perks of binding rings and free bookmarks, pick these flash cards now!

4. Small unruled flash cards, 10 cm x 6 cm : With binding rings

Now, these cards are different from all the other cards mentioned above. These cards are smaller in size (10 cm x 6 cm or 2.4 inches x 4 inches). The small size of these cards is helpful in making these cards quite portable. These can be kept in your pocket, your wallet or purse and can be easily referred on the move. Moreover, these cards are most appropriate for notes which are not very data intensive. Vocabulary cards for example, contain only a word on one side and it's meaning on the other.

Additionally, if you like your short notes to be as condensed as possible, these small flash cards are specifically for you. The small size of the flash card imposes an additional space constraint on you, allowing you to choose only the most important information from the topic to be put on the flash cards. This will enable you to complete your revision sessions quickly.

In short, if you are looking for small handy flash cards to move around with, with all the benefits of binding rings and free bookmarks, these are the cards for you. Get them now!

5. Flash cards with binding clips

If you are looking for the more traditional flash cards without the binding holes on them, this section mentions a few options for you. The flash cards in this section differ only in the binding option provided, from all the cards mentioned previously. The previously mentioned flash cards had a binding hole on them to help you organize them using the binding rings. The flash cards in this section don't have binding holes and hence should be organized through the free binding clips provided with them.


As you can see in the above pictures, these flash cards come with binding clips for organizing the cards together. If you hate the fact that the binding holes on the cards take away some of the card real estate from you, the binding clip variants are the perfect choice for you.

One disadvantage of these flash cards is that they cannot be flipped over, as was possible with binding rings. For referring the cards, the individual cards will have to be separated out from the lot. In that sense, these flash cards are the more conventional kinds.

In short, if you are looking for the more conventional looking flash cards and hate seeing binding holes on your cards, these flash cards are ideal for you. Moreover, free binding clips are provided with these cards to help you organize them better and keep track of them. So, pick these cards now!

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