Flashcards are awesome Learning buddies

Flash card is a powerful learning tool. Many researches have proved the immense contribution flash cards have to learning process of kids and adults alike. Even then, many of us are either not aware of this tool or are not using it to its full potential. We'll try to learn why we should starting using flash cards now!

We all learn things at different speeds and in different ways. While some people grasp an information quickly and retain them effectively, others don't. There could be numerous reasons behind the same phenomena, out of those, one deal with the poor mechanism of preparation and mediocre revision of your studies. If you are the one who could find a sophisticated way to properly manage and craft your notes, you are almost halfway through the goal. One of the most effective ways in this regard is by making notes on flash cards which facilitate in improving the efficiency of your notes and enabling you to learn quicker and better.

Why are flash cards an ideal choice?

When there are conventional methods of note taking, then why there is need to use flash cards? Well, that’s a great question, and its answer lies in the countless benefits that come naturally by using flash cards. Among its unlimited pros, the most remarkable ones that would let you make a decision are as under:

  • As compared to other belongings & tools used for making notes, flash cards are way too cheaper and thus, making life easier for students.
  • Flash cards are utterly portable and eradicate the need of carrying large books along with you when you are moving. You could take as many flash cards as you might want and they won't feel heavier or uncomfortable.
  • Only most relevant and short details of a topic or subject are noted down on a flash card, it means fierceness of extensive studying can be eased out.
  • Flash cards are immensely versatile, no matter whatever the subject maybe it is, you could write text, create diagrams or tables, all at your own comfortability.
  • Supremely amazing shuffling eliminates the need for memorizing a long list of items as you could place the flash cards as per your choice.

How to ensure efficient use of flash cards?

Every activity has its own method and procedure of doing it to achieve maximum utility, the case is no different with the flash cards. Most suitable and appropriate way of doing it perfectly is explained below:

  • Of course, the first & foremost step is to buy the flash cards. Flash cards come in huge varieties. If you find it difficult in choosing the suitable kind of flash cards for your purposes, refer our articles on choosing the right flash cards.
  • Go through your textbook once quickly to have an initial idea of the flow of information and a rough measure of what is important and what information can be skipped.
  • After finishing your first read, go through the textbook again, but this time carefully noting down the most important information on the flash cards. This step is very crucial since only the most important material should end up on the flash cards. This exercise ensures that you quickly wrap up your revision sessions quickly later and concentrate on the all important problem solving. If done correctly, after writing down notes on your flash cards, you should never feel the need to go through the textbook again.

  • Add diagrams, mnemonics, graphs or anything on the card that helps you learn the information better.
  • You can draw three small circles at the right bottom corner of the card and fill one circle every time you feel confident about the information on the card. When all three circles become filled, it means you are comfortable with the card and you don't need to spend time on the card during your revision process.
  • Quickly glance through the cards before sitting for a mock test, actual examination or whenever you need a quick revision. You'd feel much more confident and will be able to achieve amazing results.

Time to get some flash cards and start now!

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